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I’ve recently done some house concerts that have been amazing experiences. House concerts are gradually becoming more popular and are a clever option for indy musicians and music fans. Basically, a house concert is a private and intimate show in the comfort of a home. It’s a great idea considering the decline of live music venues.

My uncle Bob told me that when he began playing professionally in the 60s, you could walk along Yonge Street in Toronto and hear the music of live bands coming out of countless clubs, as if you were in Nashville.

Now there’s nothing left on Yonge. It’s long since dried up, that’s just a small example of the music industry and how it’s evolved. It’s hard to get public gigs, and even harder to get paying public gigs. Bringing live music to someone’s home allows music fans to see and hear a performance up close and personal. It’s also a great way for artists to have their music heard.

House concerts range in price, depending on the performer, and whether food and alcohol are provided. $10 to $20 seems to be the normal asking price of admittance, about the price of a blockbuster movie ticket, but nicer in a way because you know exactly where and to whom your money is going. Very cool.

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  1. My husband and I were briefly(we were late – our loss) entertained by Ian (and Alistar) Friday night at the Lions Riverside park in Rockwood “Pioneer Day – aye!” (inside joke) -saw the lineup for downtown concerts in Guelph and will definitely try to catch the entire show – definitely recommend IAN for a house concert based on what I saw and heard – well done Ian – you are so talented….thank you for sharing your gift!

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